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El Mina Municipality has offered equipment for three El Mina sports clubs

As part of the municipality's ongoing support for all kind of sports and the development of young people's abilities, the Municipal council decided to offer equipment to three active sports clubs in the city, worth 5 million each, which were given to the following clubs: Hanchi, Hermes Club, Busido Dojo.
The president of the Hanchi club, Mr. Talal Awad, received the equipment at the municipal hall of the Municipal Palace in the presence of the président of Municipality Mr. Abdelkader Alam El Din, lead of the sports committee Mr. Hashim Al Ayoubi and members MM. Rami Sayegh and Kamil Antoun.
Alameldine highlighted the role played by the municipality for years in supporting clubs and improving the skills to players, especially young people whose coaches strive to win local and international championships.
The Hermes Sports Club held a ceremony in club, HERMES Club President Tony Ashkar has given honorary shields to the president and Lead of sports Committee.
The Bushido Dojo club also presented the sports arts led by coach Hanna Arawadi with coaches and players in honor of the president and members of the Municipal council .
Equipment given to the clubs was needed such as sporting goods, brushes and Air conditioning equipments.

A literary delegation visits El Mina Municipality

Mr. Abdulkader Alameldin received at his office the Regional Director of the World Organization for Peace and Development, Ms. Maysa Al Hashimi, the talented actress Salma Al-Masri and a delegation of artists and association leaders of Lebanon, led by Mrs. Asia Kassem and the author, Youssef Zeidan. They visited the Tower of lions and Abdul Wahab Island and the city's heritage markets. President Alamedine wished the author a great success in the conference he gave on Saturday 18 November at the House of Art as well on their efforts to promote peace and development in Lebanon and offered them a shield of honor for their efforts.

A bicycles donation to support the civilian environmental police project.

On the initiative of BuyCycle Club and in the presence of the President of the El Mina Municipality Mr.Abdelkader Alam Aldin, President of Al Ghazal Club Mr. Muhannad Daboussi, Mr. Jawad Sbaiiti, Mr. Bassam Al Saudi and Mr Hachem Al Ayoubi President of sport committee in El Mina Municipality, the Tamer Holding Company in cooperation with Beirut By Bike donate a group of "GIANT" Bike to Support El Mina Municipality in the civilian environment police project to be launched next week.

Positive impact on El Mina corniche.

Anyone can leave a positive impact on its environment and how if with a limited budget: it is Alfonse LAMRTINE High School in Tripoli implanted with junior high school students,: Jessica Mikati , Zeina Kabara and Reine Wazzan with low fees, to the detriment of the cleaning and decoration of part of the "Bayada" sea ledge with the placing of recycling bins in the wheels, these students painted games on the sidewalk of the corniche to make the place more fun for young visitors. Thank you wholeheartedly to social work leaders, we are proud of these young role models.

100 books in the initiatives of the "Sheikh Zayed" to El Mina Municipality

The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Beirut, represented by Diplomatic Hamdan al-Hashemi, donated 100 books to El Mina Municipality as part of the "Zayed Year" initiatives on the occasion of death of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. To Educate Future Generations and Present them the Approach, Thought, Personality, and Wisdom of Those Who Contributed to the Promotion of Intellectual and Scientific Initiatives and the Basis of Science and Values of peace and coexistence.
The initiative was launched with the grant of 100 books to the Aita al-Fakhar Youth Library as part of the support provided to Lebanese libraries and to provide them with various books, including UAE history and personality.
Sheikh Zayed's history.The Union and its achievements, as well as a series of other novels in cooperation with the National Archives and the Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi and Etihad Airways Mr. Abdul Qader Alamuddin praised the role of the UAE and its continued support for intellectual, educational and development projects in general, emphasizing that "it is a characteristic of this country whose founder, Sheikh Zayed, has taught us" the sense of love and gift ".
He explained that "these books will help enrich the library and provide more knowledge, which will make it easier for readers and students to identify the UAE as a country and their leadership, as well as to benefit from stories, precious books that have been donated.

Distribution of training certificates for ice cream vendors in the Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry Tripoli

Under the patronage of the El Mina Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry of Tripoli, the ceremony of distribution of certificates of the training course on "food security" for owners of cream establishments was held in the presence of the Governor of Baalbek and Hermel, Mr. Bashir Khodr, President of the Chamber of Agriculture and Industry in Tripoli Mr. Tawfiq Daboussi, Chief of the Department of Health of El Mina Municipality Dr. Zaher Orabi, Laboratory Manager of the Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry Dr. Khalid Al-Omari, El Mina City Council Member, Eng.Rami Sayegh, President of Social Way, Mrs. Wafa Khoury and owners of ice cream establishments.

Homage to Sheikh Nasser Al Saleh and the high priest, Father Gregorius Moussa

Under the high patronage of El Mina City Council, the Byblos Scout Holy Land Regiment organized an honorary meeting for two dignitaries from the El Mina city , the former president of the Shari'a Supreme Court in Lebanon, Sheikh Nasser Al-Saleh and the Reverend priest of the Greek Orthodox parish Gregorius Moussa.
The celebration began at 5 pm with the Lebanese national anthem played by the Muslims Scout Musical Orchestra at the Municipal Palace in the presence of the President of the Municipality, Mr. Abdelkader Alam El Din, and leader of the Scouts Holy Land Regiment. Byblos, Johnny Carmirian. Ex President of the Municipality Mohammed Issa and members of the municipal council of El Mina and representatives of political, social, educational and religious, as well as residents of the city of El Mina who accompanied the honored.
The program began with a beautiful word from the master of the celebration, ex member of the municipal council Dr. Jean Touma, who recounted the brief history of the honored for more than half a century to serve the inhabitants of El Mina and spread the spirit of coexistence in the difficult times experienced by the city.
In turn, Byblos Scout Regiment Chief Johnny Camerian, thanked the audience for attending this meeting, which represents living together in a unique place and in a one hour. To the President and members of El Mina City Council and his father who raised him to the nationality, as well as to the Fans and organizers of the meeting.
A speech was delivered by Alamaldine, in which he congratulated His Eminence Sheikh Nasser Al-Saleh and Father Gregorius Moussa, who made many sacrifices to their homeland, Lebanon and their city.
He praised the role played by the El Mina municipality in its previous cooperation with associations and clubs, highlighting the honor of such dignitaries who have not shortened the service of the city of El Mina.
These are the touching words of Father Gregorius Moussa, influenced by the word of Jean Touma and he thanked Scouts and El.Mina residents for this initiative as President of the Municipality and he spoke about his career as a priest among the inhabitants of the city under various circumstances that have struck the homeland.
The conclusion was that Sheikh Nasser Al-Saleh, who remembered his childhood and youth between the Tahzbiyi school and the Mar Elias School in greeting his director Makarius Moussa, the sheikh ended his speech by reviving his brother the parish priest of El Mina Father Gregorius Moussa and blessed him with this honor.
The ceremony was marked by the distribution of shields by President Abdelkader Alamuddin and Scouts leader Johnny Carmirian to Sheikh Nasser Al Saleh and Father Gregorius Moussa
EL Mina Municipality also presented a symbolic gift, a plate of verses from the Qur'an to His Eminence Sheikh Nasser Al-Saleh and, in his role, Mr. Samir Rattal, a member of Municipal Council, gave a gift as an icon from Jesus to Father Gregorius Moussa.

The launch of the national campaign of the Ministry of Social Affairs in the El Mina Municipal Palace

The Development Services Center of the Ministry of Social Affairs organized an awareness-raising session on "Positive Parenting Education" in collaboration with the Social Affairs Committee of El Mina Municipality
As part of the national campaign launched by the Ministry of Social Affairs under the title "Give your heart to your family".
The meeting brought together members of the Social Affairs Committee: Me. Samah Zailaa, MM.Yahya Ghazi and Camille Antoun and representatives of the International Organization IOCC, and the NGOs and Scouts of Byblos and Civil Committees in the City of El Mina.
This campaign will include consecutive sessions on various topics.

H.E. Dr. Hamad Bin Saeed Al Shamsi, Ambassador of the UAE in Lebanon Visits El Mina Municipality

The President of the Municipality of El Mina AbdulQadir Alam El Din and a number of Municipal Council members , welcomed the UAE Ambassador to Lebanon Dr. Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi in the Municipality Palace. Social and Cultural Economic Discussions were held unfolded with his Excellency.
Dr. Al Shamsi planted a palm plant in the garden of the municipal palace, one of the 20 palm trees offered by the UAE to El Mina city .
Ambassador Dr.Al Shamsi said, "This visit is coordinated with Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, we are honored to visit El Mina city in the presence of the President and members of its municipal council and our main concern is to instill affection and love between the Lebanese and Emirati fraternal peoples, working permanently with true communication based on love and respect and on the special relations between the two peoples of the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon.

Graduation ceremony to El Mina Municipal Police by Boshido Dojo Club

Fifteen new members of El Mina Municipal Police have followed the athletic course follows in initiative of International Coach Hanna Arwadi, who have successfully passed the first phase of the course and will follow the other three stages to the next.
The certificates were issued in the Great Hall Room of the El Mina Palace Municipal .
It was a brief speech on the first phase of training by International Coach Hanna Arawadi, followed by the word of the first municipal police chief Houssam Ibrahim.

The "Environmental Medics "launch a campaign " Without Plastic "in collaboration with El Mina Municipality

Under the direction of the President of the Municipality, Mr. Abdul Qadir Alam El Din and under the supervision of the head of Cleaning Zaher Naja . The Municipality has logistically supported the environmental initiative led by " The "Environmental Medics" The group is formed of volunteers who have already cleaned the coast since last year.
The campaign started since the morning of Sunday August 12, 2018 and targeted all kind of plastic and they worked to remove 60 bags of plastic bottles is only a small sample of plastic waste accumulated along the Corniche.
The "Environmental Medics" advocate the Ministery of Public Works to more take care of the beach and especially the private part of the popular uninhabited pool. This campaign was named "Without Plastic".
The Municipality in turn congratulates these young volunteers and supports and exhorts them to this environmental duty in the area of consciousness to not throw plastic in the water and on the beach.

The German ambassador to Lebanon, Martin Haut, is inspecting the progress of the rehabilitation project of the El Mina maritime Corniche as part of the intensive program of employment and infrastructure in Lebanon.

German Ambassador Martin Huth, accompanied by a delegation from the German Embassy, visited the rehabilitation of the El Mina Maritime Corniche, the first stage of the intensive program of employment and infrastructure in Lebanon, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs. Development.
He was received by the Minister of Labor's adviser Mr. Rabih Kabara, Minister of Social Affairs Peter Farah, ILO Representative Thomas Stantrum, UNDP Representative Dr. Raghd Asi, President of El Mina Municipality Mr.AlamAldine ,project contractor and several specialists.

Health Discussion Circle with El Mina Ice Cream Shop Owners

On the basis of a responsibility of hygiene and social entrusted to the municipal council in the city of El Mina, the department of health of the Municipality organized a circle of discussion in collaboration with the Director of the laboratory of the Chamber of Commerce and of Northern Industry and Agriculture with the owners of the ice cream shops.
The meeting was a panel discussion included the head of the Department of Health in the municipality D.zahr Orabi and Director of the laboratory of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture Dr. Khalid Al Omari and Vice President of El Mina Municipality Dr.michel Fallah and members of the Municipality Council Eng.Rami Al Sayegh and Mr. Abdul Rahman Lebdé and Mr. Hashim El Ayoubi in addition to the owners of ice cream shops and the health controllers of the Municipality.

Public Library in the Municipal Palace

The Municipality of El Mina announces that the public library in the Municipal Palace, which contains more than 16,000 books of various topics for all ages and specialties of 8 years, open every day from 8 am to 7 pm except Saturday 9 am at 16pm

Cooperation Agreement between the University of Jinan and El Mina Municipality

Jinan University represented by Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Aiicha Yakan signed a cooperation agreement with El Mina Municipality represented by its president, Mr. Abdul Qadir Alam El Din and in the presence of personalities from both sides.
The agreement aims to develop the capacity and increase the level of knowledge of both sides in all areas available in the field of management, health, counseling and social education, media and other fields, in plus organize seminars, conferences and training courses that help to enchance the skills of both teams
In terms of cooperation and coordination, the exchange of knowledge and expertise and specialized technical and technical advice been in all scientific fields,inaddition to paving the way for students to conduct scientific research projects using references, documents and facilities
The agreement included a three-year bachelor's degree scholarship of 100% for any student selected by El Mina Municipality.

Visit of the Ambassador of Japan to ElMina Municipality

The President of the Mina Municipality, Abdel Kader Alam EL Din, received in El Mina Municipality castel the Director General of the Ministry of Industry, Dany Gadeon, accompanied by the Japanese Ambassador to Lebanon, Matahiro Yamaguchi and the United Nations representative for industrial development, Christiano Bassini.
The Japanese ambassador expressed his greatest admiration for the geographical location of EL Mina city. He also stressed that his government recognizes the importance of supporting the furniture sector "through its positive economic impact on the industrial sector".
The Japanese diplomat also gave a briefing on his country's support to Lebanon, such as the rehabilitation of schools and other contributions. He stressed the importance of continued cooperation with the community of Tripoli.

Rinse El Mina streets of with sterile water

El Mina municipality again rinses the public squares and the entrances of the old souk and the inner lanes and the yards of the churches with chlorinated water in order to preserve the public health and to prevent pollution germs under the directives of El Mina Mayor Mr. Abdulqader Alam Aldin and under the supervision of the head of the cleaning department Zaher Naja This campaign began on July 1 and continues daily during the summer in all streets and inner neighborhoods of the city.

The Launch of the first rehabilitation phase of the Mina Tripoli Corniche

EL Mina Municipality will host a celebration for beginning of the refurbishment of the Mina Corniche. The plan is organized by the UNDP and funded primarily by Germany.
The Minister of Labor Advisor Dr. Rabih Kabbara, delivered a speech in which he affirmed "the support of Minister Kabara for all the development projects for which the municipalities of Tripoli, El Mina and all the villages and towns of North.
Minister Kabbara : "Today, we are launching the rehabilitation project of this Corniche, in the first stage, in the hope that the efforts will continue to complete this project, the dream of being the first projects that give this area the right, and invest in its components and natural features. We want the Mina Corniche to pave the way for putting islands on the map and projects that make it a tourist attraction for Lebanese and Arabs.
Minister of Social Affairs Pierre.Abu Assi: "After my return from France, I visited the city of El Mina and I realized his love and the love of the inhabitants of Tripoli to own the public spaces, which testifies of the sense of belonging to the city, when the International Labor Organization launched a project funded by Germany.And social affairs quickly initiated Minister friend M.kabbara to study the project approved by less than two minutes on the phone before holding meetings with relevant international organizations to explain the mechanism of action. "
The President of the Municipality Abdulkader Alameddine: "I stayed in the sequence of municipal councils to develop the studies needed to develop the capabilities of Corniche Tourism, and we follow the steps of the studies we see the donor institutions implemented today. Today, we support the friend Ex Minister Rachid Derbas and we have managed to secure the first two remediation of sanitation drainage of the old port and the Corniche and the second rehabilitation of the Corniche In its first phase. has been launched, we will strive to implement the rest of the steps in advance grateful for the donors of their offers and initiatives that will promote the tourism wheel and employment opportunities for the residents of El Mina. "
Alamedine offered honorary shields to Kabara, Bou Asi, representatives of international organizations Jaradat and Mayrud and the representative of the German Government

Asking for the necessary measures against generators

Issued by the EL Mina Municipality on July 2, 2018, the El Mina Mayor of El Mina sent a letter to the governor of the north,Judge Ramzi Nahra, on July 4, 2018, asking for the necessary measures against generators who increase the official pricing.

The Municipality of El Mina began to remove photos of candidates from the streets and public property

The cleaning department and technical workshops in the Municipality headed by Mr. Zaher Naja launched the campaign to remove the photos of candidates with the support of the internal security forces and the municipal police, this campaign includes the images of the candidates and banners in the streets.
The campaign, which began on May 10, through Port Saiid Street continue to include all the streets and neighborhoods of the city of El Mina under the leadership of the President of the El Mina Municipality Mr.Abdelkader Alamedine

Street in the name of St. Francis Assisi

The Mina City Council named the street of St. Francis of Assisi in the St. Francis Holy Land Convent neighborhood to mark the 800 years anniversary of the Borthers Minor to the east.
This Order, which gave the east and gave the sons of El Mina and Tripoli many services since 1858 and sought to build the monastery of the Holy Land, the Brothers Minor, who celebrated the 800 anniversary of the their presence in the east to begin their mission, the municipality has dedicated the street of St. Francis of Assisi With the participation of Christians and Muslims from Tripoli and the North, with the participation of Monsignor Ivan Santos, Chargé d'Affaires at the Papal Embassy in Lebanon.
The city council will not limit the recognition of those who have served, helped and cooperated with love and peace with the people of El Mina, as Saint Francis did by inaugurating a new path of rapprochement and coexistence between all. Dialogue, Tolerance and Mutual Love "The President of the Municipality Mr. Abdelkader Alam El Din, presented the shield of love on behalf of the Municipality of El Mina to the Mayor of Assisi, Stefania Proietti
The dedicated street is next to the Franciscan Monastery, an extension of Kamal Issa El Khoury Street behind Mar Elias Street.

The Great Blue Campaign

the municipalities of Tripoli and El Mina with lavajet company organized "Great Blue Campaign" to clean the beach in the corniche locality at the popular swimming pool, with the participation of associations and organizations, The President of the Union of Municipalities Fayhaa Ahmed Qamar Din, President of the Mina Municipality represented by the Chairman of the Social Committee Me.Samah Zaylaa, Vice President of the Business University Branch of the Arab University of Beirut in Tripoli, Dr. Khalid al-Baghdadi and President from the Association of Alumni of the University of North Ahmed Sankari and head of the Tripoli City Council member organization Mohamed Tamer and officials of the organizations, associations and institutions The workers of the two municipalities and the company "Lavaget" for the waste collection.

The campaign was opened with the Lebanese national hymn and a welcome address from Mohammad Tamer and President Kamarredine delivered a speech

Ambassadors visit the ElMina Municipality president

The President of El Mina Municipality , Mr. Abdul Qader Alamuddin, received at his house in EL Mina the Saudi Embassy Charge d'Affaires Dr. Walid Al-Bukhari and HE the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Beirut Mr. Hamad Al-Shamsi. It was an occasion for them to meet women's police in El Mina Municipality and To highlight the civilized face of the city.

Alam ALdin receives Ambassador of the Netherlands to Lebanon

The President of the Municipality, Abdelkader Alam Aldin, received the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Lebanon Mr. Jean Watmans.They were discussed The cultural, social, tourist relations between the Dutch kingdom and the municipality and the cooperation between the municipality El Mina and the Dutch government.

Arafat Ghandour Sreet

The Municipality of El Mina launched the name of the late Arafat Ghandour in one of the streets of El Mina with a ceremony held at the conference hall in the Municipal Palace in the presence of a crowd of people from the city.
The Speech of the President of the Municipality in honor of the late Mayor Arafat Ghandour:

Dear Mrs. & Mrs,
Welcome to the ceremony of loyalty to the memory of what gave El Mina his heart and soul, and was chosen as Mayor serving his people. Arafat Ghandour, who greatly helped El Mina's development,rebrainding the identity of El Mina as a tourist town open to the people of Tripoli and Mina and the north. We in the municipality of El Mina, in tribute to adults who are still in the history book of El Mina identifies that Arafat Ghandour has contributed to the rise and development of services in this city that has further developed and progressed thanks to the efforts of his son the current mayor of EL Mina Salem Ghandour who is currently following his father's march in the service of the people of El Mina and to supervise their work and their care.
The work of cooperation between the city council and the Mukhtar must produce a good job and a servant for the welfare of the sons of El Mina. To commemorate Arafat Ghandour, we open this street to his name
To commemorate the lovers of El Mina, we salute his memory
thanks for coming
And thanks to everyone who contributes and serves El Mina

El Mina Municipality completes environmental awareness plan with schools

The Municipality of Al Mina welcomed the fourth, fifth and sixth grade students from the Raafat Al Husseini School for Boys and Al Noor Official Mixed School in the conference hall in the municipal palace, as part of the environmental awareness plan with the public and private schools in the port city.
A documentary film was presented to students on various environmental issues, including hygiene, waste sorting and agriculture.
The Environmental Awareness Plan aims at instilling values and environmental principles in children

The annual honor for retired teachers on the occasion of Teachers' Day by El Mina Municipality

In honor of retired public and private school teachers, the El Mina City Council honored retirees in El Mina's Silver Shore Restaurant. The lunch was attended by the president and members of the city council, the head of the educational district, Mrs. Nahla Hamati, the teachers and the directors of the schools of the retirees.
The words of the President of the Municipality Mr. Abdelkader Alam El Din and the president of the educational zone, Ms. Nahla Hamati, and Professor Salah Sidawi, member of the municipal council of EL Mina, were delivered to the guests with a distribution of shields for the occasion.
Among the retired teachers in the schools of Tripoli and El Mina his city: the official school for girls, National Orthodox College -St-Elie, the school of Our Lady of Nativity Antonine Boys 'High School, Al-Nahda Girls' Official School, First Girls 'School, Third Rawda Al-Fayhaa School, Al-Hayat Girls' School, Rafat Al Husseini School.
A speech was delivered by President Alammedine:
Dear educators
Welcome to the City Council celebration for Teachers' Day where we pay tribute to retired colleagues who served El Mina and gave them their knowledge and culture and contributed to the education of the younger generation.
Thank you, educators, teachers that you are given for the education of young people that we are desperately needed, especially in these difficult economic and social conditions in the lives of our families, where family relations are threatened and solidarity links in the same family is fragmented, threatening communities and disassociating cooperation among its members.
We can only thank all the teachers who gave to this city and continued to educate their children and to make them aware of the development of the El Mina society, develop the social status of the Mina family and offer opportunities for employment to young learners with enthusiasm and vitality. There will be no community if teachers do not take care of young people at all levels: cultural, artistic and sports, because they need sports fields and places to entertain them because they need libraries equipped with the Internet for their research and studies.
he City Council of El Mina insists every year to honor the teachers when they retire to say thank you on behalf of the inhabitants of El Mina, who all appreciate the exchange of love and loyalty, especially in the field of education of their children in the schools of the city. And to say thank you for your efforts, which you have provided to our children with passion, love and appreciation.
Many of the talents were graduated, and they would not have appeared in the lives of our children in the schools: care, education without your presence. May God reward you with good and make you healthy and enduring. Educators You have served the younger generation and you are fed up, you have worked with parents to build the personalities of our youth and not drift into bad habits, but you have worked with parents to appreciate good morals. This care and science was not limited to students. Thank you for your efforts and for your sacrifices.

Protect The Mina coast !

At the invitation of the President of the Municipality of El Mina Abdelkader AlamAldine and members of the City Council, a solidarity rally brought together a large number of civil society organizations and students from the Arab University of Beirut on the Mina Corniche to shout "No Real Estate 1401" And the slogans and statements raised by the protesters refused to steal the rocky coast and deprive it of the inhabitants of its city.

Bader George Ghanem Street opening

El Mina City Council has opened a street bearing the name of the late educator Badr George Ghanem, who has spent years in the education department, famous for his good work in the region. In the presence of Mr. Abdelkader Alam Aldin, and his grandson, who spoke on behalf of his family about the characteristics of his educational grandfather, Alamedine noted the importance of the municipality's decision to name the street , a Testimony on Professor Ghanem delivered by Mr Chafic Haidar. The Catholic Metropolitan Edward Dahir, concluded the ceremony with a testimony on the importance of loyalty to teachers.

The conclusion of the project "Our City Our way"

The Safadi Cultural Foundation, in collaboration with the Municipality of EL Mina and the Arab University of Beirut, Tripoli, has completed the project "Our City our Way" co-funded by the European Union as part of the SouthMed CV project at the Cultural Center Safadi in Tripoli.
Ahmed Sankari, representative of the president of the Arab University of Beirut, general director of the Safadi Cultural Foundation Samira Baghdadi, representatives of the SouthMed CV program, parents of the participating students, teachers and students.
The project brought together 30 young men and women aged 14 and 17 who cast their vision on their ideal city. After training at the Arab University of Beirut, the faculty of architecture of the Tripoli section, "Safadi Cultural Foundation , "realized their vision of the KIFAH street in El Mina. "
For other part, Baghdadi pointed out after the presentation of a documentary summarizing the stages of the project that "the struggle of students has launched a cry for urban expansion and urban projects aimed at draining space.
The aspiration of EL Mina City Council with the Arab University of Beirut and the Safadi Foundation to realize other projects to describe the city of Mina as they dream and as we all dream in the future: a friendly city children and young people. "The components of environment, culture and health in the city, to be a model for Lebanese cities." Sankari emphasized that the "Our City Our Way" journey aims at the active participation of young people in the community by allowing them to express their opinions and identify problems in a scientific way, to present ideas and alternatives. urban spaces in residential neighborhoods and contribute to their realization . Finally, the certificates were distributed to the young men and women involved in the project, to the honored teachers and trainers of the Arab University of Beirut, as well as to the shareholders of the municipality of El Mina.

The Municipality of El Mina honors Sergeant Abdul Ruzzak Sawda

El Mina Mayor Abdul Qadir Alam El Din honored on behalf of the city council the first sergeant Abdul Ruzzak Sawda, who served in the municipal police of El Mina for four decades and who has been faithful in his work more than forty years old, Alammedine emphasized his dedication and his work and gave him a shield rating in the service of the city of El Mina.
Municipality Police Chief Ibrahim Hossam spoke of the good character and benefits of Sergeant Sawda throughout this period.
The ceremony brought together some of the members of the city council and the current chief of municipal police officers and former officers with the staff, finally the meeting concluded with a cocktail in honor of Sawda.


Cooperation between El Mina Municipality and the Association of Social Scouts in Lebanon

At the beginning of the new year, in the framework of cooperation between civil society organizations, cooperation El Mina Municipality and the Association of Social Scouts in Lebanon, which for seven years has been conducting health screening for students of the first and second seminars in public schools within El Mina city.

This cooperation is based on the municipality's sponsorship of the project of health screening by the association, which will be implemented this year in public schools and in the association free of charge. The screening includes the examination of the five senses in two schools and the examination of the health of children in 10 schools within El mina city